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Conneqt - UiPath Automation Day - Shared screen with speaker view
Harvey Robert
Good morning Naozer
Naozer Dalal
Morning Harvey, thanks for joining
p s v rao
You spoke about driving automation top down- how do you believe Automation is now evolving into a boardroom agenda and how do you see it Impact the Future of Work
vijay chand
question to Arjun:
vijay chand
How understanding of Indian customers combined with deep Industry domain knowledge helps adoption of automation and translate to meaningful business outcomes.
Mohan Chennasamudram
Dear Participants, Pls feel free to share your questions for the Panel via chat. we will bring it up during the Round table discussion.
Rajat Gupta
If an Agent has to finally verify all the information fetched by the BoT then what is the difference between BoT vs CRM envirnonment, because same process takes place in CRM through APIs.Is the platform only facilitating multiple utilities under one roof?
Alok Chadha
Is Video KYC part of your offerings
Arun Kumar T
HI Mohan, With so much disruption happening in the banking & financial services industry, how can automation help in the digital transformation and staying ahead?
Nitin Purwar
Ans to Rajat's 1st question - I think in real life scenarios there are many limitations for a CRM to have integrations with all different platforms. For eg., CRMs will not be able to integrate with the legacy applications which do not expose APIs, CRMs can't get data hosted in documents or from unstructured data sources. And there are many similar examples why BoTs are being leveraged for a larger integration eco-system they can support.
Nitin Purwar
Ans to Rajat's 2nd ques: My experience with Banks tells me that data is what banks have in plenty. Its just making sure right skills are available to capture that data
siddharth sundaram
How does Automation help in improving employee experience to deliver superior customer experience?
Tony Joseph
How can we enhance Hiring Only the Best with Automation? Would we be able to enhance candidate experience with the enhancement of automation
Naozer Dalal
Thanks once again for all our esteemed clients who made time to attend.
Karan Gupta
Thank you.
Pravesh Pushkarna
All the best Team Conneqt.
Nitin Purwar
Thank you everyone