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Siobhan Ryan's Zoom Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Trevor Dagg
Thanks for the overview Alan! Can you outline how execptions are presented back to the users so they know what to do in that event and how are you tracking your metrics - in UiPath or something else?
Martina Ryan
Alan, how are you managing your pipeline, or are ye early on in the journey and also are you using any application to measure the bot performance?
Hi Mick. How much time did Finance Management spend beforehand to prepare in advance to optimise all the time you were saving them?
Daragh O'Sullivan
Hi Mick, great presentation and project - well done! Is ABBY FlexiCapture an external service provider - is there much work in creating the invoice templates? Is this done within UIPath Studio or on FlexiCapture?
Martina Ryan
Hi Mick, great project and relaying OCR and it's value. Are all 24K invoices scheduled for the same run times and did you run into any challenging with bot schedule? Do you use one dispatcher and one performer or multiple? Did you need more than one bot machine for that project?
Hi Mick, what where the major technical hurdles that you had to overcome to get Bertie working well?
Trevor Dagg
Great project Mick. How do you handle part invoicing or did you mark that out of scope? I'm assuming you just match totals against the invoice and PO's or did you come up with a solution for that?
Martina Ryan
Great session, thanks to Alan & Mick, great sharing of automations!
Daragh O'Sullivan
well done guys, 2 very interesting and impressive presentations!
Trevor Dagg
Great session Siobhan, Mick and Alan. Many thanks